Would You Like To Know More About Ingrown Nail Surgery?

Q – Is It Serious? When Ingrown Toenail Is Infected? Will Ingrown Toenails Go Away? Will Ingrown Toenail Grow Out? Will Ingrown Toenail Go Away On Its Own? When Will Ingrown Toenail Go Away?

If left untreated, the infection can spread to the rest of the toe and foot and could lead to surgery. The quicker you treat it, the less painful the treatment. To make an appointment to see our podiatrist PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK

Q – Who Gets It?

Active, sporty people are particularly prone, because they sweat more. Younger people are more likely to get it (as they pick their nails more, compared to older people who may not reach their toes!).

Q – How Do I Know I Have It? Where Do Ingrown Toenails Occur?

The most common symptom is pain followed by some form of inflammation in the surrounding nail area.

However, not everyone identifies an ingrown toenail correctly.  Sometimes, they have a curly nail which has a lot of debris (dirt or fluff) underneath it or a corn or callus down the side of the nail, which can be nearly as painful. However, if it’s a corn, the pain tends to be throbbing as opposed to the sharp pain you get with an ingrown toenail. If this is the case, your podiatrist will remove the debris, and if necessary, thin the nail.

Q – How Do I Prevent It?

Firstly, learn to cut your nails properly. Nail cutters aren’t a good idea because the curved cutting edge can cut the flesh and nail scissors can slip. It’s best to use nail nippers (available online from our partner SIMPLYFEET – use code XQ9R3460 to get 10% OFF with EVERY order) because they have a smaller cutting blade but a longer handle. Cut your nails straight across and don’t cut too low at the edge or down the side. The corner of the nail should be visible above the skin. Also, cut them after a bath or shower when the nail is much softer.

Good hygiene can go a long way to preventing ingrown toenails. Avoid moist, soggy feet by letting rotating your footwear so each pair has a chance to dry out thoroughly. Avoid man-made materials (synthetics) and choose socks and shoes of natural fibre and which fit properly. Keep your feet clean and dry and in the summer and wear open-toed sandals to let air get to your toes as much as possible.

If you have diabetes, are taking steroids or are on anti-coagulants, DON’T attempt to cut your nails or remove the ingrowing spike of nail yourself.

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