The Latest Technology Designed By Australian Podiatrists To
Treat Ingrown And Involuted (very curved nails) Toenails Without The Need For Surgery.

BraceNFixis a non-invasive and pain-free way to permanently resolve and restore the natural alignment and growth of the nail.

Why BraceNFix™?

Onychocryptosis, otherwise known as an ingrown toenail, is a common occurrence among people of all ages.

Previously Podiatrists were left with few options in treating ingrown toenails. Podiatrists’ two primary treatment options consisted of either performing a Partial Nail Avulsion (surgical removal of  part of the nail) or removing the nail non-surgically if the issue had not progressed beyond salvage.

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These approaches had previously resulted in poor outcomes for patients, as patients who did not wish to undergo a Partial Nail Avulsion (surgical removal of the nail aka nail surgery) procedure or did not want an injection or simply were unsuitable for the non-surgical approach left patients being unable to resolve their issue. This led to the development of BraceNFix™. BraceNFix™ has changed the way Podiatrists treat Ingrown toenails and has helped thousands of patients get out of pain and naturally restore the shape of their ingrown or involuted toenails. **Please note, a Partial Nail Avulsion procedure may be required in certain cases.

How does BraceNFixwork?

BraceNFix™ is applied on top of the nail and positioned in place by a Podiatrist. Once it is positioned, BraceNFix™ is then set using the BraceNFix™ light. This enables the nail to regrow in its natural shape and alignment. BraceNFix™ remains in place until the nail grows out while being adjusted regularly by your Podiatrist.

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Treat Ingrown and Involuted Toenails

Can I use my Private Health Insurance for BraceNFix™?

Yes, Private Health Insurance covers BraceNFix™. Please check with your Podiatrist or Private Health Insurance provider for details (Item Number F344).

Is BraceNFix™ nail brace treatment painful?

BraceNFix™ treatment is pain-free and requires no injections or surgery.

Is BraceNFixa permanent solution to ingrown toenails?

In 80-85% of patients, BraceNFix™ successfully reshapes the nail’s alignment and restores natural growth.

Will BraceNFixhelp my pain?

Patients typically experience some immediate reduction in pain after the initial application of BraceNFix™. Patients typically report being totally painfree after 2-6 weeks (depending on a variety of factors).

Am I able to resume daily activities as normal after BraceNFixtreatment?

Yes, you can resume daily activities as normal.

Is BraceNFixwaterproof?

Yes, BraceNFix™ is fully waterproof.

I have diabetes, is BraceNFixsafe for me?

BraceNFix™ is suitable for patients with diabetes and/or who have poor circulation as BraceNFix™ is applied externally on top of the nail plate.

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