Biomechanical Assessment And Gait Analysis

Biomechanical assessment vs gait analysis at footwear shops. What is the difference?

When you go to a sports footwear shop that offers gait analysis on a treadmill, most often this is a basic test to establish which type of shoe will suit you best. That’s it!

A biomechanical assessment is carried out by a podiatrist and involves an examination of the lower limbs, looking at their structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses and how this relates to your walking pattern. The assessment looks for any irregularity which may contribute to pain in your feet, limbs and back, or for abnormality which may contribute to callus or corn formation.

Results of the biomechanical assessment will enable a podiatrist to diagnose causes of symptoms (painful conditions), provide professional advice and a treatment plan. Sometimes, due to the nature of pathology, we may not be able to provide a treatment plan, a podiatrist then may provide a referral to another medical professional for further diagnostics and treatment options.

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