Terms & Conditions of ‘REVIEW MY FOOT’ Online Service Provision 

By making the £6.99 (six pounds and ninety-nine pence) payment you agree to the following terms of sale and our provision of the service:

  1. Service description – Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry will visually analyse your image/s together with a review of any information that you provide regarding your complaint, which is limited to areas of feet and toenails, and we will then provide you with our professional opinion concerning your complaint, which will be issued by our podiatrist. This service costs £6.99;
  2. You understand that any opinion expressed by Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry regarding your complaint is not a diagnosis and is not a substitute for a professional evaluation that is normally carried out by visiting a podiatrist in person;
  3. You understand that for Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry to provide you with a professional opinion concerning your complaint we need to clearly see the problem area on an image or images that we receive from you and you should also provide a brief description concerning your complaint (mentioned below);
  4. Your image/s must be accompanied by a brief description of the complaint – What is the complaint? How did it happen? How long ago since you first noticed it? Is the condition painful?
  5. Re-submission of images and information is not permitted, if you send us your image/s that are of low quality or you fail to provide any description of your problem, then we may not be able to provide a review of your complaint and the £6.99 will not be refunded. If you then wish to re-submit your image/s and/or information about your complaint you would need to make another payment of £6.99;
  6. Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry will only make a full refund (£6.99) if we are unable to provide you with a review of your complaint;
  7. Image quality has to be of an acceptable standard, acceptable means we should be able to clearly see the area of the foot you would like to be reviewed by a podiatrist and you should advise us of the complaint (eg please look at my right foot big toe’s toenail, why is it a different colour and deformed?);
  8. We will do our best to provide you with a review of your complaint within 60 minutes of us receiving your email, but you understand that during busy periods we have the right to extend the response time to 24 hours after we receive your email;
  9. You understand that Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry will not provide you with a treatment plan based on our online review of your complaint and we will therefore not be advising self-treatment options. If you decide to self-treat your foot or toenail problem based on opinion received from us, then Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry can not be held liable for any potential negative outcome following your decision to self-treat;
  10. You understand that £6.99 is charged to review one complaint. If you send us multiple complaints, then we will only review one complaint. To receive an online review for multiple complaints you need to pay £6.99 per each complaint;
  11. You understand that Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry provides the online image review service as an informational service and not a medical advisory service, therefore you can not hold Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry liable for any views expressed by us within our review of your complaint/s;
  12. You may not send your complaints to our main email address that is stated on different pages of Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry website. Your complaint and images can only be sent via email to Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry using the email address that will be revealed after you make the £6.99 payment. To be directed to this page please head over to the merchant’s page after you make the £6.99 payment over on PayPal website;
  13. You understand that we cannot guarantee the security of any data outside our own computer systems;
  14. Any images and personal information will be confidentially held by Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry and we will not share any such data with any other company or any third party;
  15. You can view our privacy policy HERE
  16. By making the £6.99 payment you confirm that you have read Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry privacy policy;
  17. Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry complies with current GDPR requirements and legislation;
  18. If you are not satisfied with the service that you received from Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry please inform us by email. You may do so by sending a reply to the email that contains our review of your complaint;