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“Hello! My name is Iryna and I am a lead Podiatrist at Rowlands Foot Care Podiatry. If you have a question about your feet, then we will be able to discuss your concerns remotely with complete confidentiality. I use a dedicated telehealth system provided by Cliniko, all video calls are secured with end-to-end encryption and meet strict privacy and security standards.”

Online Consultation Podiatrist Chiropodist Cambridge
Online Consultation With Podiatrist Chiropodist Cambridge 1
Your Questions Answered

Some Popular Questions

QHow do I book Online Consultation?

A – You will be able to book Online Consultation by CLICKING HERE Once we receive your payment of £19.99, we will contact you via email to schedule your consultation.

Q Do I need to provide any other information?

After we make a booking, shortly afterwards an appointment notification will be sent to the email address that you provided. Within the email, you will find a link to NEW PATIENT FORM (for new patients) and EXISTING PATIENT FORM (for existing patients)

Q – Do I need to send you images of my feet?

Yes please! Even though we use a high-quality telehealth system that offers superior video conferencing capability compared to some popular programs, it is easier to zoom in on a problem using a camera which all smartphones have, the image then can be analysed in greater detail compared to a video. Please send images ASAP to

Q – How long does Online Consultation last?

A – Online Consultations last approximately 15 minutes.

Q – If I need to buy certain products, how will I know where to get them from?

A – During Online Consultation we will be able to share our screen with you and we will forward all relevant links to online shops where you could then order products advised by a podiatrist.

Q – Is Online Consultation the same as meeting a Podiatrist in person?

A – Although Online Consultation is a great and convenient way to be able to speak to a Podiatrist, it is not a substitute for a physical examination by a Podiatrist. With certain health problems, the level of advice that you receive remotely will be limited, this is due to the inability to carry out a physical examination.

Q – Do I need to have technical skills to have Online Consultation?

A – No. All you would need to do is click on the link within the appointment notification email and follow onscreen instructions. It is very similar to using other programs like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp.

Q- Do I need an internet connection?

Video conferencing is a data-intensive process, therefore a good connection to broadband is strongly advised.

Q – Which device can I use for the Online Consultation?

A – You can use a computer, tablet or smartphone. Your device must have a camera (so we can see you) and a microphone (so we can hear you).

Online Consultation With Podiatrist Chiropodist Cambridge 1