New Service Soon To Be Available! PEDISAFE…What Is It?

PediSafe is an aesthetic toenail and fingernail reconstruction and remodelling system. Curable in both UV and LED light, used for enhancing damaged toenails and fingernails due to trauma, infections or post-operative damage from ingrown toenails. PediSafe can be used safely on both hands and feet as a simple protective overlay. From simple to advanced pedicures:

*** Simple Overlay

Have beautiful toes for 8 weeks (1). In addition, it will protect from fungal and bacterial contamination.

***Extreme Reconstruction

Unique service by rebuilding missing nails due to injury or fungal infection.

***Ingrown Nail Rebalancing

We would be able to correct and relieve ingrown toenails with PediSafe’s Ingrown Nail Rebalancing System. By creating a new pressure point we redistribute the c-curve pressure and relieve your discomfort.

***Nail Realignment

PediSafe can modify nail shapes and give them a more aesthetic appearance. The straightening of natural nails can be achieved with repeated treatments.

***Prosthetic Nail

PediSafe can be used for people who have no existing toenail. Tailor-made to fit YOU, the prosthetic nail can be removed and reapplied as needed.

***Finger Nail Enhancement

Powered by great adherence and strength, Pedisafe contains ‘Polyglass Technology’ just like it’s renowned sister brand Gelous. Same great results! Protects from cross-contamination.

WHAT’S MORE? PEDISAFE is a VEGAN-friendly product! HI5 To That One!

Hope everyone is well and can’t wait to see you ALL soon!
1 – Please note that we cannot guarantee how long the reconstruction will stay in place as this is not a ‘beauty’ gel nail system. In most cases, the reconstruction will need to be replaced every 4-8 weeks depending on nail growth. In some cases, the reconstruction can become loose and detach sooner than this. This can happen for several reasons such as underlying nail condition, footwear styles and activity levels.
Pedisafe Toenail and Fingernail Reconstruction System
Before and After
Before and After
Toenail Reconstruction

Would You Like To Find Out 5 Reasons What Makes PEDISAFE a better alternative to ACRYLIC? Send me a message and I will let you know!